Creating team building events your workforce will enjoy

Are you starting to suspect that your team isn’t looking forward to attending your next team building session? If so, you aren’t alone. Research shows that an engaged workplace retains more staff and brings in more revenue – but only if it actually works. Are your team building activities getting you the results you want? If not, you might want to take stock of what your efforts involve before you book your next teambuilding venue.

Modernise your teambuilding

Too many workforces still rely on the same old obstacle courses and trust falls – these are done. When is the last time you asked your employees what they’d prefer to do as a teambuilding exercise? Remember that your overall goals are to boost productivity and morale while forging stronger and more efficient workplace relationships. There is no limit to what kind of activity you choose, provided you keep the following guidelines in mind:

Avoid excessive alcohol – there is no quicker recipe for disaster than having a teambuilding activity heavily centred on alcohol consumption. While it can help lower inhibitions and make socialising easier, it can quickly spin out of control and create awkwardness.

Avoid extremes – while extreme sports or adventures might seem fun to you, not all your employees will see it the same way. Pick something that will challenge everyone but won’t potentially trigger very real anxieties and fears.

Keep them informed – Whatever activity you choose, make sure you keep your employees informed about why they’re doing it and what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

Make it regular – few workforces remain static throughout a year. People come and go and often change roles. Keeping teambuilding regular and a core event on the business calendar will ensure your employees view it as part and parcel of their working lives.

Solicit feedback – Never stop asking how you could improve things and ensure that employees can contribute feedback privately without fear of repercussions. Often people feel more comfortable voicing objections or ideas anonymously.

There is no limit to what you can choose for a teambuilding activity, providing it occurs in a group. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the usual boxes and find something you think will have the best fit for your workforce. Provided it meets the above parameters, you’re unlikely to go wrong.

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