How to make every employee feel included at your team-building conference

Not all employees are keen on team-building events or getaways. For many employees, the loudest and most confident employee tends to dominate discussions and what gets shared. This leads quieter members of the team to feel like they can’t be heard, which can make them disengage during team-building – if they even bother to show up at all.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your next team-building conference.

Offer one-on-one time

The best way to help every employee feel seen and heard is to schedule one-on-one time with each person. This might not be possible in a large business but splitting your staff into groups can ensure this happens. Research shows that when an employee feels appreciated, they will take it upon themselves to work harder.

Have real breaks

It’s common in corporate culture for people to work through lunch breaks or shorten their breaks to get more work done. This might seem like a way to save time but ally counterproductive and negatively impacts your employees’ productivity.

Full lunch breaks without work interruption are essential. Research shows that employees who enjoy daily breaks have a stronger desire to be active members of the company.

Give everyone a responsibility

When someone has a responsibility for a certain activity during team-building, it helps to keep them engaged and participating in whatever comes next. Ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a decision-maker or call the shots on at least one decision during your event.

Recognise accomplishments

You might be surprised to learn that several international studies have been undertaken into what leads employees to produce great work. Research shows that recognition is a more powerful motivator than a pay raise, a promotion, more freedom or a chance at further education.

If you’re going to spend time and money booking a conference venue in Sandton and organising team-building activities and events, don’t you want every one of your employees to benefit? Implementing these tips is a good place to start.

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