You’ve Found The Perfect Venue. Now Use These Methods To Make Your Meeting Productive

You’ve vetted a number of venues in Sandton, and finally settled on the perfect one to suit your needs, but you might still be dreading the meeting that will be taking place in it. Many people feel that meetings are unnecessary and a waste of time, and involves funds that could be better spent doing other marketing activities. If you’re holding one soon and would like to get the most out of the process, there are number of things you can do to make the time more productive.

Here are a few that you should consider:

Have a shared goal and agenda

Does everyone who’ll be attending your meeting know why they’re attending and what they need to prepare? Do they know what the desired outcome of the meeting is? Will the meeting be to discuss a certain project, share information or solve a problem? Outlining all these points beforehand and stressing the importance of their contribution will ensure every attendee feels invested and engaged.

Switch off those devices

One of the biggest distractions in meetings (or life in general) is smartphones and our ability to remain connected 24/7. Have every attendee agree to switch off their devices to remove the temptation of constantly checking for updates and keep everyone focused. If switching off is impractical, ask everyone to put their devices on silent, at the very least.

Meet on Tuesday afternoon

According to research, the best time to hold a meeting is on a Tuesday afternoon, as this is the time most people are likely to be free. It also gives them enough time to prepare without waiting until the end of the week where most people are tired and already planning their weekends.

Switch it up

Divide your meeting up into 15-minute segments. The average person begins to lose attention after this time and switching topics and actions at this interval can help to keep everyone focused.

Change venues

Sometimes all that’s needed to help kick-start brainstorming or get people out of a mental rut is to have your meeting outside the office in a different venue. The unfamiliar surroundings will help ease boredom and could even inspire creativity.

With a little planning, meetings don’t have to be a chore. Do it better and it could become something your staff members look forward to!

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